Valentina and Graeme


  "What I like about painting and drawing is the absolute freedom I can get every time. I can choose the subject, the media and even the title. What a priviledge!

Spending time and energy with brushes and pencils means giving time to myself. In that temporal space, indeed, I can think, analyse and feel the subject.

This is the reason why most of my subjects are related to my memories, feelings and emotions linked to a particular moment, place, person, animal or time.

For me both painting and a drawing must be a celebration, a statement and a love letter to express what I feel thanks to them.

For this reason I don't have a favourite subject but it varies according to what inspires me in this moment.

By looking at what I've done so far, I can see there is a common base or source, nature".


"Painting for me is a compulsion.

I am fascinated by the effect of light and how a picture can be full of it or flat.


Mist, water, reflections and shadows for me are more than just important; if they are done well a picture comes to life and is changed, snow can become blue shadows change colour.

Reflections come to meet the eye but shadows are directed by where the sun is and the time of the day.

I like acrylics best, because I find them a natural material for making light.

Often a picture needs people or animals to give it life: you will notice that I am more interested if they are moving away from me".


He has had five one-man shows in London.

His works hangs in private collections of two Royal families in Europe as well as in collections of large industrial concerns, zoos, conservation societies, and that of private individuals.

Limited-print reproductions of his work have been used to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund, the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, and the International Society for the Protection of Animals.