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The Present

Graeme Sims enhancing the Lion fine art print on canvas

Graeme Sims have spent a lifetime writing books and copy for advertising agencies and painting pictures.

Words are like chaff in the wind, disposable, transient and soon forgotten.

With painting there is a compulsion and a truth. Colours last whereas words, like human life, come then go.

When we speak, we say what we are expected to say. When we paint, we try to express the real truth.

The sky, the light, the shadows on the grass change minute by minute but tomorrow they will come back again and in a thousand years they will still be here.

Painting is to taste eternity.

Now he paints in three media (watercolour, acrylic and oil) and my interest is in light, atmosphere and mood.


Here you can buy bespoke FINE ART PRINTS, CANVASES and CARDS.

Graeme Sims Art
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