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Graeme Sims with Wag

Graeme Sims

has been painting seriously since the 70’s when he was a creative director in advertising.


Darren Naish, the zoologist and author, writing about Graeme’s work for Brooke Bond Oxo said

“I adore Sims’ artwork. Striking use of colour, minimalist form, sometimes almost abstract”.


Watson Gupthill, the American art publisher, described him simply as “one of Britain’s best known wildlife artists”.


He has had many one-man shows in prestigious London Galleries plus one on the East Coast of America.

His work has raised funds for The World Wildlife Fund, The Royal Society of Protection of Birds, the International Society for The Protection of Animals, the Woodland Trust and many others.

He won a Mother Goose Award for his illustrated books for children.

In the 70’s it was all about pencil and watercolour.

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